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Wondering what things to see on Kauai? Relax and let me do the driving as we take day trips to explore all the magic Kauai has to offer. Kauai Tour Guy offers personal, guided driving sightseeing tours of the island. Only your party, max 4 passengers. Larger Party? Contact me. Each day trip is unique, designed to your special interests. Go at your own pace, spend time where you want, it's your island tour. From Waimea Canyon and it's breathtaking vistas to beautiful Hanalei Bay on the North Shore and everything in between. Beaches, waterfalls and rainbows awaits us on our day trips of adventure and exploration. Below are just some of the special places I can show you when you sightsee with me.

Sightseeing Kauai - Amazing Kauai Tours and Excursions

Sightseeing Kauai can be as easy as driving yourself on our one highway from Hanalei to Pihea Lookout in the Kokee State Park or go with someone who knows the Island. Kauai affords beautiful vistas no matter where you are on the island. But, it's the road not taken that can open up to vistas seldom seen by the casual traveler that you don't want to miss. Those are the hidden gems found on the North Shore, East Side, South Shore and Kauai's Westside with the Waimea Canyon as the ultimate sightseeing experience on your Kauai day trips.


Each side of Kauai looks a little different because due to rainfall averages producing more or less vegetation. We go from over 70 “ on the North Shore to 20' on the westside with one of the wettest places in the world on Mnt Waialeale clocking in at 460” per year. A lot of diversity to see on your Kauai tours whether you do it yourself or book a private tour( like mine) it is all more than good.


Day trips on Kauai can be as easy as heading to the highway and turning right or left and just driving till you can't drive any further. A lot of such planning depends on where you are staying on Kauai but we're just going to start on the North Shore of Kauai and work clockwise around the the beautiful Garden Island known as Kauai or as I like to refer to Kauai as the Emerald Isle of the Pacific.


The North Shore passed Hanalei at this time is inaccessible due to the historic rainfalls and flooding that Hanalei and Haena experienced in April of 2018. The North Shore is what people traditionally think of as Hawaii and where a lot of pictures are used when enticing people to visit our beautiful Islands. Palm trees providing shade on Kauai's beautiful beaches to lush green covered mountains soaring up 5,000 ft. behind you. Especially in Hanalei the waterfalls seen from the highway are a true marvel. The Taro fields, used for making of poi, the Hawaiian staple for centuries, is the dominant feature as you enter Hanalei Valley. When I first saw Hanalei Valley that was when I first fell in love with Kauai. To me I imagined this must be what Bali looks like!!(Bucket List for me) Poi is to Hawaii what the potato is to the Irish. Leaving Hanalei the next must see is the Kilauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. Closed on Sundays and Mondays this beautiful historic lighthouse is a must see for Lighthouse enthusiasts and anyone else wanting to see rare Pacific Birds and stunning views of the entire North Shore. Heading south from Kilauea we head to Anahola and the mountain used for the opening scenes of King Kong with Jessica Lange. Locally known as “Kong “ he has been greeting the morning sunrise since it's formation millions of years ago.


Somewhere between Kilauea and Anahola as your Kauai day trip progresses we transition from wetter North Shore to less annual rainfall (40”) East side. Kapaa is the hub of the east side and is Kauai's largest town. Sleeping Giant is the dominant feature of the Eastside as he reposes in sleep only to awaken to defend Kauai when threatened, according to legend. Opeaka'a Falls, The Hindu Monastery, Wailua River State Park, Lydgate Park are just a few of the the things you want to include on any sightseeing day trips on Kauai. Heading south past the Wailua Golf Course into Lihue, the county seat of Kauai, we find the Airport and commerce centers but also the gorgeous views of the interior and on a lucky day we can see into the slopes of the crater of Mount Waialeale where the water falls 3000 feet!


Heading west to the South Shore and Poipu on your day trip of Kauai you will need to take a diversion to see the Menehune Fish Ponds and the stunning views afforded of Kipu Valley made famous by Stephen Spielberg's Jurassic Park. Back to the highway on to the South Shore we must go through the bucolic “Tunnel Of Trees” and then to the resort area of Poipu. Shipwreck's Beach, beautiful and easy beach trails will take you along some very pretty limestone and lava ringed min beaches. But back on the road during your sighseeing trip of Kauai, Spouting Horn is the attraction here as well as some nice resorts and hotels as well as deep blue water like no where else. Koloa is a small historic town with gigantic Monkeypod Trees shading some of the first streets on Kauai. Lots of stores line the streets looking much like they did back in the sugar plantation days of Kauai.


On to the the Westside we go through Kalaheo and pass the largest coffee plantation in the United States. Kauai Coffee Plantation offers walk through self guided tours of their coffee trees and explain the process of producing and brewing coffee for you and the world. The West sides annual rainfall is around 20” per year and the topography changes as we go from windward to leeward on your sightseeing day trip of Kauai. The ocean opens up to us as we head down the hill to Port allen and Eleele. Port Allen is where all the boat rides leave to do the Na Pali Coast excursions. The Na Pali Coast is only accessible by boat, helicopter/air or very dangerous trails. We pass Port Allen and head into Hanapepe which remains much the way it did in plantation days and has been used as a back drop in time period movies of historic Hawaii. Salt Pond Beach Park is a great place to check for a swim or just stop to eat lunch as you explore Kauai on your day trip. On to Waimea town gateway to the Waimea Canyon State Park and Kokee State Park. Heading up the canyon you will notice as you stop along the way it is getting cooler. When it is hot, which it usually is, you will nocie it getting cooler as you ascend to the 5.000 ft eleveation. Entering a Pine and Koa( a local hardwood highly prized for it's dark wood) forest, you enter the State Parks along winding roads that dip in places like a roller coaster and afford some of the best sightseeing on Kauai. The Waimea Canyon does not disappoint as you stop at some of the turn outs. You will immedialtely get at first glipmse why it is known as “The Grand Canyon of the Pacific”,There are several designated lookouts as well as turn out along the road. Some are better than others and that is another reason to have someone with you who knows where are the best sightseeing views. Sometimes people just stop because there are a bunch of cars, don't be fooled, some afford a better view than others for one reason or another. After the Canyon views head to the Kalalau Lookout which is one of my favs and then to Pihea Lookout as the end of any sightseeing Tour by car on Kauai. Turn around once you've taken in the gorgeous vistas of ocean meeting sky above the Na Pali Coast and head back down to Waimea and lunch, or shopping or beaches or coffee or......


On your trip to Kauai, take time to smell the ginger in Waimea Canyon, get a locally grown brewed coffee, or just find a beach but first, you have to see what Kauai has to offer you. Whether a Kauai sightseeing tour of your own or with a local, believe me, you won't be disappointed. It is all good! Call (808) 638-2695 today.

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