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Aloha! My name is Doug, and I am the Kauai Tour Guy. I'm very excited to offer customized driving excursions all over the island of Kauai. If you want to see the most of Kauai, then my day trips of Kauai are the way! No other tour company offers as many miles covered in comfort and yet stop when you want to take a picture, and I know the best sites before we get there. After I pick you up at your accommodations you can experience Kauai like a local. When I take visitors out on the island, they are able to create their own unique sightseeing experience tailored specifically to their interests. No other driving tour service on Kauai can give you the ultimate personal experience and knowledge of a long time Kauai resident like me, who has fallen in love with Kauai. Drone enthusiasts, photographers. honeymooners or family sightseeing trips, I can accommodate up to 4 passengers very comfortably. More than 4? Contact me, Special charters available up to 12. Give me a try, my clients always say it was the best experience of their once in a lifetime trip! You won't be disappointed I guarantee! Click here to check out some of the 'Things to do in Kauai'.

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Kauai Tour Guy offers a one on one professional and private tour guide experience by an 11 year local.  I will pick you up at your accommodation. My comfortable 4 Runner will take you to spots only a small vehicle can go for that perfect photo.  Larger Party? Contact me. Get a feel for my tours on Kauai blog. You will see more with me than any other company on an unforgettable tour of one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Kaua'i.


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After I pick you at your accommodations you will explore Kauai with me like a local as only you and your party join me in my comfortable 4 passenger SUV on a day trip of Kauai. Waterfalls, Beaches, Beautiful Vistas and the Backroads of Kauai. Go at your own pace, spend time where you want. Check out what we do on one of my island tours at Kauai Blog

Special charters available up to 12

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Who is the Kauai Tour Guy?

Aloha, I'm Doug and I am the Kauai Tour Guy. I hope you fall in love with Kauai like I have after 11 years. I feel so blessed to be able to share and show Kauai to the World by offering Kauai day trips and private tours of Kauai Island.



Join me on my Kauai day trips and see how much fun we can get into!

Check out my tours on Kauai Blog!

Kauai Day Trips and Private Tours

Kauai Tour Guy is a private tours and sightseeing service provided by ME, Doug the Kauai Tour Guy. There are countless Kauai day trips and scenic places to go on one of my private tours, but this trip is just for you! Larger Party? Contact me. Private tours all over Kauai designed specifically by you, that's right, I can give you a breakdown of where you might want to go and you decide how the day unfolds. Scouting for a movie? Trying to get away from the parents for a day? Trying to get the parents away from you for a day? Yes I do all of those things and a lot more. I know Kauai very well and can drive you to places you know, and probably even more places you don't. 

Kauai's lush green landscapes and beautiful white sand beaches bordered by deep blue inviting seas attracts visitors from around the world and rightly so. About 1.3 million people visited Kauai in 2017.


The Hawaiian Islands origins are volcanic. The islands were formed by the passage of the Pacific Plate over the Hawaii hotspot. All the Hawaiian Islands are considered “shield” volcanoes due to their classic volcanic shape. On my Kauai Day trip I will find a great place to illustrate this if we can see Mount Waialeale (weye-ah-lay-ah-lay). Kauai is the oldest of the main islands at approximately 5 million years. The highest peak on Mount Wailaleale is Kawaikiniat 5,243 feet (1,598m) and is often cloud covered.

The second highest peak is the peak known as Mount Waiʻaleʻale near the center of the island and close to Kawaikini rises to 5,148ft (1,569m) above sea level. Mount Waialeale is known as one of the wettest spots on earth with annual rainfall averaging 460 inches per year. The abundant rainfall on almost a daily basis creates deep valleys with many scenic waterfalls. Some of the waterfalls in the “crater” of Mount Waialeale cascade 3,000 ft as they drop to the headwaters of the Wailua River. Kauai is an island of micro climates. We go from 460” atop Mount Wailaleale to the West side which has an annual rainfall of about 20 inches.

On the west side of Kauai, Waimea town is located at the mouth of the Waimea River, whose waters flow from the Alakai Swamp, the highest elevated wet swamp in the world. This year round supply from the Alakai Swamp formed the breathtaking views we enjoy at Waimea Canyon today. Waimea Canyon is one of the world's most scenic canyons which is part of Waimea Canyon State Park. Waimea Canyon is about 3,000 feet deep and 10 miles long and is aptly nick named "The Grand Canyon of the Pacific".

The wild and mostly inaccessible 16 mile Na Pali Coast is a center for recreation in a magnificent setting including kayaking past deserted beaches, hiking on the Kalalau Trail(now closed due to April flooding) along the coastal cliffs or Pali(Na means the and Pali is cliffs). The Kalalau Trail is one of the most beautiful trails you will ever see but it is also one of 15 most dangerous trails in the world. It is a bucket list trail for many intrepid hikers who come here from all over the world to test their skills. A permit is required from the state and can be gotten online. No permit is required for the first two miles to Hanakapiai Beach, however.

Kauai’s climate is tropical, enjoying cooling, moisture laden trade winds. The trade winds moderate temperatures and humidity giving Kauai one of the best and most comfortable climates in the world. Having said that, Hurricane season is from June to November and we do get isolated instances of severe weather due to storms coming out of the northern Pacific Ocean. April of 2018 we saw historic rainfalls exceeding 27” in 24 hours causing flooding never seen before by local residents. At the lower elevations the annual precipitation varies from an average of about 50 inches on the windward (northeastern) shore, to less than 20 inches on the (southwestern) leeward side of the island. Slippers and hiking shoes are about all you need for footwear when coming to Kauai.


As we do our Kauai island Tour I will point out to you places on the island where you can literally see the difference in rainfall from one mountain valley to another.

From the 1830s through the mid-20th century, sugar cane was Kauaʻi's most important industry. At one time the sugarcane fields covered the island. In 1835 the first sugarcane plantation was founded on Kauaʻi and for the next century the industry would dominate the economy of Hawaii. Most of that land is now used for ranching, GMO research, Kauai Coffee Plantation and towns. The Kauai Coffee Plantation is the largest coffee plantation in the US. Kauai Coffee has approximately 3000 acres devoted to bringing Kauai's coffee to the world. It is also a very popular stop on a Kauai day trip especially after going up to the Waimea Canyon.


Kauaʻi is home to the U.S. Navy's "Barking Sands" Pacific Missile Range Facility, on the sunny and dry western shore. This is where the US Government tests the Aegis missiles that shoot down other incoming missiles. Also located here is a radar station that tracks subsurface and surface ships, air and Space traffic. It is one of the few facilities that are equipped to do that in the world.

Land in Kauaʻi is very fertile, hence Garden Isle, and farmers raise many varieties of fruit and other crops. Guava, coffee, sugarcane, mango, banana, papaya, avocado, star fruit, kava, noni and pineapple are all cultivated on the island. Unless an agricultural product needs winter you can grow it here.

When driving on Kauai there has developed an interesting way of giving directions. “Mauka” means toward the mountains and “Makai” (Kai=ocean) means towards the ocean. That way because there is only one highway and it goes around ¾ of Kauai you always know where the ocean and mountains are. It is too confusing to say left or right depending on which direction you are traveling. That will be on your quiz.

Kauai makes my job easy as a tour guide but there is more to Kauai than just awesome, magnificent vistas afforded from Waimea Canyon State Park to the beaches of the North Shore. What I want to share and hopefully give to you, as we sightsee Kauai on my 8 hour private Kauai day trip, is a sense of what it is like to be fortunate enough to live in such a beautiful place. Your vacation is my lifestyle!


Let me share Kauai with you on a private day trip and guided tour and leave the driving to me!

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